Wednesday, April 18, 2012

President’s Message, April 2012

I would like to begin this message by thanking Linda Roberts, Tamara Garza, and Glynis Gore for all the work they did for the Brazos Heritage Society in their roles as members of the Executive Committee last year.  We would not have had the successful year we did without all their support and hard work.  Thank you ladies for a job well done!

If you were unable to attend our annual membership meeting – held at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History on February 26 – you missed a great meeting!

During the meeting the following officers were elected for one year terms:

            Nat Hilliard, President
            Dan Beto, Vice President
            Kyle Kovel, Secretary
            Beverly Myers, Treasurer  

Blaine Brezina and his father Dennis were at the meeting to provide a slide show presentation on the project Blaine would like to do for the Heritage Park as a means of meeting the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout.  He has some really great ideas for the Park and has also presented them to members of the Bryan Parks and Recreation Board, who were also impressed and approved a majority of his ideas. 

If anyone is interested in donating a tree for the park, please let us know.  On the list of approved trees are the following: Burr Oak, Lacebark Elm, Live Oak, Vitex, Crepe Myrtle, American Elm, and Redbud.  Feel free to contact me at this email address if you are interested in make a tree donation:

Sheila Fields gave us an update on the Boonville Jail community marker: she and Tom McDonald are moving right along with the project and we should have the marker in place in the not to distant future.

Dan Beto brought us up to date on our electronic newsletter – Heritage Brazos – and mentioned a new monthly contest – Where in Brazos County?  Please visit our electronic newsletter at

 Our Treasurer, Beverly Myers, provided us with an up-to-date financial statement, which reflects the organization continues to be in good financial order.

Fran Lamb made a presentation about our first fundraiser for the year – Antique Sideshow.  She will be contacting experts in many fields of antiquity to arrange for them to evaluate the items brought in for the show.  Additional information about this event may be found elsewhere on this newsletter.  In the picture below I am holding what my great grandmother called her “butter crock.”  The crock was filled with fresh homemade butter and kept in the springhouse to keep it from spoiling.  It is one of the items I plan to have reviewed at the Antique Sideshow.  

After the meeting we enjoyed refreshments in the staff meeting area of the Museum.  Debra Cowman, the Museum Director, had the Museum open for us and answered many questions about upcoming projects and events. 

The new Executive Committee had our first meeting for the year on March 12, 2012, at Elizabeth and Kyle Kovel’s home – the old Cavitt House.  They very graciously agreed to have the meeting there.  

We set some new goals for this year, one of which is to consolidate all of the Society’s records and any other property in one place.  We now have acquired adequate storage and Homer and Beverly Myers have donated a four drawer metal filing cabinet for our records.  It seems that the Society’s records and legal papers are scattered throughout the membership, and each time new officers are elected there are box loads of papers transferred to them.  Since I took office, I have had several people bring different things to me that they had been storing somewhere, in one instance, up to several years.  Tom McDonald has agreed to serve as Of Counsel for the Society and to facilitate this coordination effort.

And while on the subject of Society property, I recall some really great bunting that we used to put on the Gazebo in Heritage Park for the Independence Day festivities.  Does anyone know that happened to it?  Perhaps it is in a box in someone’s garage?  We would love to have it for the 4th of July this year.   

Once again we have a dedicated and energetic members of the Executive Committee who I feel will make this an even more successful year.

                                                                                                        Nat Hilliard, President

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