Sunday, March 10, 2013

Membership Chair Solicitation

The Brazos Heritage Society is seeking a member to serve as Membership Chair; the job description follows:

Membership Chair
Job Description


The Membership Chair is responsible for all activities involving the solicitation and maintenance of the active membership; the Chair also performs various administrative and support duties for the organization.

Specific Tasks and Duties:

This position is responsible for: 1) maintaining the master membership list in a spreadsheet program; 2) keeping an updated address book for label preparation; 3) keeping all membership forms updated; 4) maintaining a file for membership applications and paper backup for all pertinent additional information; 5) writing and sending thank you notes to all new members; and, 6) forwarding any money received for membership fees to the Treasurer.


The Membership Chair is a member of the Executive Committee.

The individual filling this position must obtain prior approval of the President or the Board for any expenditures.


Persons interested, and those requiring additional information, are encouraged to contact Dan Beto at 979-822-1273 or

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